Prof. Dr. Christos Haritoglou

"The Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic is certainly one of the most traditional eye clinics in Germany. Here, historical awareness and modern ophthalmology are combined in a unique way. I am particularly impressed by the outstanding qualifications of the doctors working here. This allows us to treat the patients entrusted to us individually at the highest level - every day."

Prof. Dr. Christos Haritoglou

Prof. Haritoglou performs the preparatory examinations and the follow-up care in his practice.

Joint practice Profs. Haritoglou, Schultheiß, Klink
Nymphenburgerstr. 43
80335 Munich
Phone: (+49) 89 127 09 30

Fax: (+49) 089 129 03 41

Office hours by telephone arrangement:

Mon-Fri9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Mon-Thurs13:30 to 15:30
Thuspecial consultation hours by appointment
  • 1991 - 1997 Studies of human medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich
  • 1997 State examination in human medicine
  • 1998 Beginning of work as a physician in internship at the LMU in Munich
  • 1999 Doctorate and license to practice medicine
  • 2003 Certification as a specialist in ophthalmology
  • 2004 Completion of habilitation and appointment as private lecturer
  • 2008 Admission to the Club Jules Gonin
  • 2010 Early appointment as associate professor
  • 2012 Admission to the Macula Society  
  • 2003 - 2014 Senior physician at the Department of Ophthalmology, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany
  • 2008 - 2014 Deputy of the director in the outpatient and inpatient surgical area
  • April 2014 joined the joint practice with Prof. Dr. W. Heider / Prof. C.L. Schönfeld 


  • 2003 Editor's Choice, American Journal of Ophthalmology
  • 2005 Travel Scholarship of the DOG
  • 2005 Leonhard Klein Award
  • 2007 Research Award of the DOG (Bausch and Lomb)
  • 2009 Meyer-Schwickerath Prize of the German Diabetes Society
  • 2009 Honorary Lecture of the Societas Ophthalmologica Europeae (SOE)
  • 2010 Junior Honour Award of the Greek Vitreoretinal Society
  • 2011 Research Award of the DOG (Kröner Foundation)
  • 2013 Achievment Award of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • 2019 International Ophthalmologist Education Award of the American Academy of Ophthalmology


  • Open Journal of Ophthalmology
  • Scientific Word Journal


  • American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)
  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
  • Professional Association of Ophthalmologists (BVA)
  • Club Jules Gonin
  • German Ophthalmological Society (DOG)
  • Euretina
  • Macula Society
  • Munich Ophthalmological Society (MOG)
  • Retinological Society
  • Surgery of retinal and vitreous diseases (among others retinal detachment, diabet. Retinal diseases, diseases of the macula etc.)
  • Cataract surgery (cataract)
  • Refractive intraocular surgery
  • Traumatology
  • Surgery in the anterior segment of the eye (keratoplasty, wing skin, etc.)
  • (Intravitreal) pharmacotherapy of retinal diseases
  • Laser treatment of retinal diseases and posterior cataract
  • Complete conservative and surgical ophthalmology (focus on treatment of retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusions and macular diseases of various etiologies (e.g. age-related macular degeneration, macular holes and epiretinal gliosis)
  • Regular organization of surgical courses for ophthalmologists
  • Speaker at various congresses such as the conference of the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG), German Academy of Ophthalmology (AAD) and other national and international conferences
  • Examiner within the framework of the European Board of Ophthalmology (FEBO)
  • Reviewer for numerous national and international journals