Ambulatory treatment

Nowadays, many operations are already performed on an outpatient basis - including at our clinic. In this case, you come to the clinic in the morning, go home in the afternoon and sleep in your own bed at night - a thought that is very appealing to our patients and makes it easier for you to decide on the treatment.

As an eye clinic with state-of-the-art surgical techniques and well-tolerated anesthesia procedures, we can offer outpatient surgery to many of our patients. The advantages for the patient are obvious: he can recover in his familiar surroundings, has his peace and quiet at home and is still easily accessible for neighbors and relatives.

Procedure on the day of the operation
If you have made an appointment with your attending physician for outpatient surgery, please report to the surgery outpatient clinic on the 1st floor of the clinic building on the day of surgery. The elevator is located on the right as you enter the clinic building.

Please arrive sober and on time for your scheduled appointment. Do not forget to bring your health insurance card, referral and eyeglasses.

Please note the following instructions for the day of surgery:
We will need a list of your medications and your ophthalmologist's preliminary findings. Make sure that you are picked up by an escort after the procedure. You are not allowed to drive yourself home.

We have summarized further information for you in the following brochure:

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