Stationary treatment

Together with your surgeon, you have decided to undergo inpatient treatment. It has the advantage that you can be cared for around the clock and do not have to come back to the clinic for follow-up treatment. Our doctors and nursing staff will make sure that your short stay in our clinic is as pleasant as possible. Our comfortable rooms offer you the rest and relaxation you need after surgery. As a rule, you will be admitted on the day of the inpatient operation.

Procedure on the day of the operation:
Only affiliated physicians work at our clinic. Therefore, if you have any questions about inpatient surgery and the procedure on the day of surgery, please contact the practice that is treating you. You can find our affiliated physicians and their contact details here.

For your hospital stay, we need your health insurance card and the referral from your attending physician. Please also remember to bring washing utensils, nightwear, non-slip slippers and any medication you may need for the first day.

You will be discharged home after a successful procedure and completion of follow-up examinations.

We have summarized more information for you in the following brochure:

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