Surgery for under eye bags (lower eyelid lift)

Blepharoplasty on the lower eyelid - the correction of the so-called "bags under the eyes" - requires a skin incision directly below the row of eyelashes in order to remove the excess skin and the fatty tissue that has emerged underneath.

After healing, a very fine, barely visible scar is created here. Some patients do not have any disturbing excess skin on the lower eyelids, but they do have more prominent fatty tissue pads. For these cases, there is a new, gentle approach to the excess fatty tissue: instead of an external skin incision, the fat is removed from the inside through the conjunctiva directly below the edge of the eyelid. This surgical technique, which is similar to minimally invasive surgery in other areas of the body, avoids sutures and externally visible scars.

Laser treatment of bags under the eyes

Laser technology is also used for lower eyelid correction: here, after fat removal, the eyelid skin can be tightened from the outside using a CO2 laser or an erbium YAG laser. This procedure is called "laser resurfacing".