Drooping eyelids surgery (upper eyelid lift)

In order to achieve a permanent surgical effect, in addition to the excess eyelid skin, a narrow strip of muscle lying directly under the skin and, if necessary, the fatty tissue that has emerged from the eye socket is always removed during upper eyelid drooping correction. With this very differentiated and well-dosed tissue removal, the cosmetically important upper eyelid furrow and thus also the normal eyelid contour can be restored. The very fine skin scar that is created in the upper eyelid is placed directly in the upper eyelid furrow, so that it is no longer visible after a short time.

Laser treatment of drooping eyelids

Thanks to laser technology, it is possible to cut through the skin and prepare the very fine eyelid structures during upper eyelid correction without the need for additional hemostasis. The laser develops a concomitant thermal effect during the tissue cutting, which simultaneously leads to vascular sealing and thus enables a bloodless preparation. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. When the stitches are removed after one week, the eyelid region already has its natural appearance again. At most, minor residual swelling will remain for a few days.

Like all eye operations, plastic and reconstructive eyelid surgery is subject to very precisely defined quality and safety criteria. In addition to high demands on the laser devices used and the equipment of the operating room, special laser and safety training of the surgeons and assistant personnel is required by law. The Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic meets all these requirements.