The ophthalmologists at the eye clinic

With more than 15,000 surgical procedures per year, the Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic occupies a top position among eye clinics throughout Germany. Since 2015, the head physician has been Prof. Christos Haritoglou, MD. Our affiliated physicians have different specialties in ophthalmology. Through the exchange and consultation among each other, the synergies within the team of doctors are optimally used to offer the best possible treatment to the respective patient. The well-being of the patient is always the focus - both in the trusting cooperation between the physicians within the clinic and with the referring and follow-up ophthalmologists. Continuous professional training is a matter of course: the physicians regularly participate in professional conferences and congresses. In addition, they are involved in professional organizations and publish in relevant journals.


To make an appointment or if you have questions about your medical treatment, please contact only your attending physician's office or one of the physicians working at the eye clinic:

Joint practice Profs. Haritoglou, Schultheiß, Klink
Tel: 089 1270930
Nymphenburger Street 43, 80335 Munich, Germany

*In employment

Partial Community Strabology with Dr. Ernst Höfling
Nymphenburger Strasse 43, 80335 Munich

Joint practice Dr. Rehfeld I Prof. Dr. Schaller
Tel: 089 183073
Nymphenburger Street 43, 80335 Munich, Germany

  • Dr. Antje Rehfeld
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schaller (Deputy LA)

Practice Dr. Gündisch
Tel: 089 47 44 38
Nymphenburger Street 47a, 80335 Munich, Germany

  • Dr. Ortrun Gündisch
  • Dr. Mira Seidel

Practice Prof. Dr. Koss & Colleagues 
Tel: 089 18 35 11
Nymphenburger Street 4, 80335 Munich, Germany

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Koss
  • Dr. Gregor Kastl
  • Dr. Nadezhda Cvetkova

Practice Dr. Dashevsky
Tel: 089 189 084 760
Nymphenburger Street 43, 80335 Munich, Germany

  • Dr. Alexey Dashevsky

Practice Prof. Dr. Ricarda Schumann
Tel: 089 33 03 70 66
Leopoldstrasse 67, 80802 Munich, Germany

  • Prof. Dr. Ricarda Schumann

Practice Dr. Pfeiffer
Tel: 089 1235858
Garmischer Street 4, 80339 Munich, Germany

  • Dr. Markus Pfeiffer
  • Dr. Nuria Pfeiffer

Practice Prof. Dr. Kampik
Tel: 089 85633470
Brienner Street 12, 80333 Munich, Germany 

  • Prof. Dr. Anselm Kampik

Practice Dr. Frieling-Reuss
Tel: 089 2368590
Weinstraße 3, 80333 Munich

  • Dr. Elisabeth Frieling-Reuss

Practice Prof. Dr. Hirneiß
Tel: 089 713939
Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz 35, 81377 Munich, Germany

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Hirneiß

Practice Dr. Distelmaier
Tel: 089 277802960
Kreillerstrasse 151, 81825 Munich, Germany

  • Dr. Peter Distelmaier

Practice Dr. Kurz
Tel: 08141 12464
Main street 29, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

  • Dr. Andreas Kurz
  • Dr. Stefanie Kurz

Practice Dr. Mammen
Tel: 08141 363530
Main Street 11, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

  • Dr. Arne-Sven Mammen

Practice Prof. Dr. Marcus Kernt
Tel: 089 755 45 52
Forstenrieder Allee 59, 81476 Munich, Germany

  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Kernt


All surgical procedures on the eye are accompanied by an anesthesiologist at our clinic. Possible pre-existing conditions are of course taken into account when choosing the anesthesia procedure. Fear, anxiety and above all pain should be spared to the patient and the organism should be stressed as little as possible.

Therefore, we usually perform the procedure in a combination of analgesia ("twilight sleep") and local anesthesia. The patient is put into "twilight sleep" with a sedative and a painkiller. He or she becomes drowsy, but can still follow the doctor's instructions. This may be necessary for the administration of local anesthesia by the surgeon or for surface anesthesia with drops. Memory of the procedure will be limited.

In special cases, for example in children, the surgery may be performed under general anesthesia. After the procedure, monitoring by the anesthesiologist continues until the patient can be transferred to the care of the nursing staff of the outpatient clinic or ward in a stable condition.

Our anesthesiologists: Dr. Tanja Pinter, Dr. Christiane Zantl, Dr. Dieter Schleberger, Dr. Renate Becker