Many patients and relatives have had positive experiences with the eye clinic and would like to repay them with something positive. They donate - and for good reason: The Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic Foundation is committed to maintaining the high quality of treatment and the excellent standard of care and to ensuring that this continues in the future. But especially nowadays, when legal cuts in the health care system are increasing, donations are almost indispensable to achieve this goal.

Whoever gives money wants to be sure that it is well invested. The Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic Foundation holds non-profit status. Recognition as a non-profit organization is only granted if strict conditions are met.

The foundation is continuously audited by the state foundation supervisory authority and the tax office, where it also submits its annual financial statements. Because the foundation's purpose serves the common good - and so does every donation to the foundation - the donation can be deducted from taxes. In addition, the foundation can also be bequeathed in a will. If you wish to actively help and support the Eye Clinic, the Board of Directors will be happy to advise you personally, discreetly and free of charge.

If necessary, please contact the administrative manager Mr. Wernick (089) 126 005 - 0,